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Pup Passport is PDX's "Dog Friendly Brewery Passport." What is it? Pup Passport opened in July of 2021 in Portland, Oregon, with over 30 breweries on the passport, and is the region's only beer related passport to date. Created by couple Cambrie Burns and Stephen Guarino, Pup Passport can be thought of a digital coupon book for Portland's breweries - and even more exciting, all of the locations on the passport are dog friendly. Pup Passport aims to captivate dog owners's attention by hand picking breweries that allow dogs. If you love dogs and beer and live in Oregon, this one is for you.

Pub Pass Destinations and Discounts

This pub pass features big names and hidden gems too. You and your pup can discover well known breweries like Rogue, Hopworks, Ecliptic, Breakside, Pelican, Migration or some smaller microbreweries such as Three Mugs, Binary, Threshold, Brewery 26, and more. "The discounts are different at each brewery", founder Cambrie Burns told us. Most of the breweries are offering $1, $2, or $3 off your first pint. Migration is offering happy hour pricing on food and drink, Pelican has doggy bandanas for your pup, Brewery 26 is offering a pint and a flight for $10, etc. Pup Passport told us that their passport is popular among couples and makes for a great date night. "We were pleasantly surprised to hear that people were using the passport  as their new weekly tradition, and makes planning date nights simple."

How Do I Use The Pub Pass?

Pup Passport is currently digital only. Some see this as a pro, and others see it as a con - it depends on what's right for you. We find that oldschool passport booklets have a certain novelty to them, however, they are easily lost, and lack features. "Pup Passport is not an app yet", says Burns, "but we have plans on creating an app in the near future." The pub pass is actually a website, so in effect, you can still login and make use of the passport. We found this very helpful, because they feature a map with the location of all the breweries you can attend. You can select a brewery from the map, and boom - it will open on your phone's google or Apple Maps. We also prefer digital passports because they can be updated at any time. Pup Passport told us that they have enjoyed adding new locations as time goes on, and that it is exciting when new breweries contact them to be added.

Pub Pass

As far as a pub pass goes, Pup Passport has a unique spin on a traditional pub pass. They have expanded it into a full fledged, feature rich, brewery passport. The passport is only $25, and you'll get over $150 worth of discounts from breweries, plus other local dog and pet vendors. Not only do you get discounts at over 30 breweries, you also get a list of breweries that are dog friendly which people are raving about. Pup Passport is new but is already quite popular, and it is well maintained. We see a bright future for this pub pass and hope they continue to grow and expand in the future.

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What is a Pub Pass?

A pub pass generally refers to a product (either digital or as a physical booklet) that features a curated list of places that serve alcohol in a specific region. A pub pass may or may not be themed, and may or may not offer prizes for completion, or discounts at participating venues. The venues on the pass may or may not be aware of the pass itself. A pub pass can feature pubs, bars, micropubs (craft breweries), breweries, and more.

A pub pass has many names for the same thing. Pass and passport are used interchangeably, and pub may be replaced with a themed word. For example you might have heard of a pub crawl, or a brewery passport, which are basically the same thing as a pub pass.Either way, a pub pass will help you locate places to drink alcohol! Pick up a pub pass today to get started on your journey.

Looking for a pub pass?

There are many reasons to pick up a pub pass. Many people enjoy them as a weekend or even vacation activity. It is fun to discover new spots to eat and drink whether you are looking for a weekend getaway or traveling to a new city or state. Many people find that a pub pass is a great way to meet new people since so many people head out to the pubs. Pup Passport is a great way to explore breweries across the Portland and coastal-oregon regions with your dog. While in Portland, we highly recommend checking out Rogue Brewing.

What is a pub?

According to wikipedia, a pub "short for public house) is an establishment licensed to serve alcoholic drinks for consumption on the premises. The term public house first appeared in the late 17th century, and was used to differentiate private houses from those which were, quite literally, open to the public as 'alehouses', 'taverns' and 'inns'." Why not pick up a pub pass and head out to a new pub with your dog? Pubs are easy to visit and welcoming to all walks of life. You can hangout atn a pub and get work done from your laptop, grab a pint with friends, meet new people, and most importantly try out new beers. Most pubs and taphouses also have cider, and sometimes sour beers on tap too.

Should you use a pub pass?

Using a pub pass is a great way for people to discover new spots to grab a pint. A pub pass isn;t for everybody. For example, if you don't like the idea of drinking beer or being around people, then this probably isn't your thing. However, if you like beer, food, meeting new people, and / or bringing your dog places with you, then a pub pass is exactly your cup of tea (or pint of beer).

What can you expect from a pub pass?

That largely depends on the kind of pub pass you want, and that also depends on your region. Most pub passes are regional, meaning it is a book (physical or digital) that guides you to pubs. From a simple google search, there are countless pub passes available. You can start to look for one by googling the city or state you plan on visiting. For example, if you live in Portland Oregon, you might Google "Portland pub pass." Likewise if you live in Michigan, or any other state. Start by region, and see what's out there.

Should you use a digital or physical pub pass?

That's up to you, and can depend on where you live. Some states and cities happen not to have any pub passes at all (unlucky souls) while other areas might have one or many available. Not all pub passes are digital. In fact, most of them seem to be physical - resembling a real passport, featuring brewery and pub names to visit. Digital pub passes have the advantage of being updated regularly and it's hard to lose it since it's on your phone. I lose stuff all the time. The other advantage of using a digital pub pass is that it lets you tap to navigate to the pub, instead of having to manually lookup each place if you have a booklet. Additionally, having a map-view of the pubs and breweries can help you decide which one you want to go to. For example when I pickup friends from the PDX airport, I can quickly glance at my Pup Passport to see what's near the airport.

Is a brewery the same thing as a pub?

Almost, but not quite. a pub, short for public house, is any place that serves beer on tap. They are also commonly called taphouses. A brewery is any establishment that brews their own beer. Think of those buildings with big metal tanks. Breweries then sell beer (and kegs) to pubs and taphouses. Breweries do not always serve alsocol on site, and do not always have food to consume. Typically, to be scientific here, a brewery becomes a brewpub when it meets 2 requirements: 1) the establishment brews their own beer and 2) they have an area designated to serving food and / or drinks. So basaically the main idea here is that breweries brew the beer, and taphouses (and pubs) serve the beer. A brewery can do both, and is then called a brewpub. But hey it's the english language, it's confusing and people fumble the meanings all the time, and rarely will anybody correct you.

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